Landing Your First Job After College

It seems like yesterday you were a wide-eyed first-year college student and today you are on the brink of graduation. Time flies. You have spent the last four years attending classes, writing papers, and studying for examinations. These years may have been stressful for you, but you told yourself that it would all be worth it because someday this hard work would pay off in the form of an excellent career. The first step of creating a career is landing your first job.  Here are some tips to help make this stressful process fruitful.
1.     LinkedIn.  If you are searching for your first job and you are not spending time each and every day on LinkedIn, you are making a mistake.  Never before in the history of humanity have professionals been more accessible.  You will be amazed at who you can meet on LinkedIn through a respectful, succinct, and purposeful LinkedIn direct message.
2.     Resume. You may not have years of experience to populate your resume. That is okay and expected. However, hiring managers still expect your resume to be professional, error-free, and thoughtful.  Hiring managers review a resume in less than 15 seconds. Make your resume stand out by highlighting your value proposition (what makes you special).
3.     Focus on a trajectory over a salary. Many recent college graduates obsess over the starting salary of their first job; this is a strategic error. Your first job is not going to make you independently wealthy. Your first job is not about salary. It is about finding a position that will allow you to assimilate into the workforce in an environment that suits your personality and ambitions.
4.     Nail the interview. Not having a lot of work experience can actually make the interviewing process easier for you. Hiring managers have to focus on your potential more than your achievements.  Make this process easy for them by being your best self in the job interview.  Most of your competition will be so nervous that they fail to allow their wonderful, authentic, and unique personalities to shine through.  Be the exception.  Relax and enjoy the process. The more relaxed you are, the better you will perform.