Back in March 2021, members of the WASC Senior College and University Commission made a virtual site visit and reported Stanton University received the best results in all four WSCUC standards:

  • Defining Institutional Purposes and Ensuring Educational Objectives
  • Achieving Educational Objectives Through Core Functions
  • Developing and Applying Resources and Organizational Structures to Ensure Quality and Sustainability
  • Creating an Organization Committed to Quality Assurance, Institutional Learning, and Improvement.

In July 2021, Stanton University has received an official letter from WSCUC announcing that it has been accredited. This achievement is the result of the hard work of our students, faculty, and staff.

We are excited that our students will benefit from their WASC-accredited degree throughout their lives.

You can learn more about Stanton University’s accreditation on the WSCUC page.