Leo Balayon

Email: lbalayon@stanton.edu

Leo Balayon serves the dual role of director of athletics and recreation as well as the incoming head men’s basketball coach for Stanton University. Coach Balayon holds the distinction of being the only men’s basketball college head coach in history to lead a non-NCAA/NAIA program to two upset victories against an NCAA Division 1 opponent. Previously, coach Balayon served in the same capacity at Bethesda University where he was able to lead their men’s basketball program to its only conference championship. Prior to this, Balayon was an assistant coach for Caltech, Pacifica College, as well as the Afghanistan national Team. He has also worked as a player development coach for pro agencies and served as a scout for various professional basketball teams overseas. For inquiries, please contact coach Balayon at lbalayon@stanton.edu.

Coach, Jose Ceja

Email: jceja@stanton.edu

Coach Jose Ceja is Stanton University’s incoming head coach for both the men and
women’s volleyball programs. As a five-time coach of the year awardee, he has led both the
boys and girls’ volleyball programs of Anaheim High School to multiple championships and
helped change his community’s perspective on the sport of volleyball. For inquiries, please
contact Coach Ceja at jceja@stanton.edu.

Coach, John Hill

Email: jhill@stanton.edu

Coach John Hill is the incoming women’s basketball coach for Stanton University. He previously served as the head women’s basketball coach at Bethesda University from 2018 to 2022. Prior to this, he led the women’s basketball program at San Bernardino Valley College to the 1995-96 playoffs. He was also an assistant coach at CSU San Bernardino and helped the team reach the 1994 NCAA D2 Final Four and secure a runner-up finish. For inquiries, please contact Coach Hill at jhill@stanton.edu. 

Coach, Diogo Pereira

Email: dpereira@stanton.edu

Diogo Pereira is the incoming head soccer coach for Stanton University. He is no stranger to success as both a recruiter and coach. From 2019 to 2021, Diogo delivered the best recruiting classes for Bethesda Univeristy’s men’s soccer program and led them to three national tournament appearances and a West Region Championship. Coach Pereira is originally from Portugal and is one of the best international recruiters for college soccer. For inquiries, please contact Coach Pereira at dpereira@stanton.edu.