Student Success

The mission of Stanton University as iterated to the public “is to provide students with an affordable and high-quality education in a culturally diverse environment to help them develop knowledge and skills that will enhance their potential for success in their current and future careers.” An unstated objective is to consistently produce successful student outcomes while simultaneously operating in compliance with applicable rules, regulations, and standards of accreditation.

The university has five general learning outcomes that are the cornerstone in each program. These student learning outcomes were developed based on standards common in higher education in the United States.
Within this context, the university’s students will acquire and be able to demonstrate the following learning outcomes upon completion of their program:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and proficiency in a chosen field of study.
  2. Exercise critical thinking and quantitative reasoning in judgment, decision-making, and problem solving.
  3. Locate and utilize a variety of types of information accurately and appropriately.
  4. Effectively communicate in oral and written methods to convey well-organized thoughts, ideas, and opinions.
  5. Exhibit awareness, understanding, and respect for the diversity of individuals, groups and cultures.