Daytrip: California Science Center

by Aline Z. Fierros Mendez MBA Alumni

There is a place I would like to recommend for a day of activities where you acquire a lot of knowledge and learn new and dynamic things. Come visit the California Science Center museum, which is located at:

700 Exposition Park Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90037

Monday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Admission to the permanent exhibits are free and it has more than 5 simulators. IMAX and Special Exhibits require separate ticket purchase.

I visited the California Museum of Science Center and I really enjoyed the part of the ecosystems, the polar ecosystem. You can touch and appreciate the clothes they have used for years in Alaska, completely handmade and with the skins of animals they hunted to survive, in addition to the exhibit showing the polar bear and penguins. In the Marine exhibit, I was even able to touch a starfish, it was fabulous, see it up close and see that the animal creation is surprising. In the area of the human being, there are great figures that deal with the months of gestation and how the fetus, from being an egg and a sperm, becomes a small human being.

In this museum you can learn about various topics, as they have different areas to explore and these are:

  • The World and Life
  • Fire Science and Safety
  • Ecosystems
  • Air and Space
  • Roy A. Anderson Blackbird and Garden

You can enjoy the laboratory where they show great research and experiments.

The IMAX THEATER offers shows such as Blue Whales and Journey to Space 3D. Ticket purchase required.

Everything is ready for you to learn and have fun, so a recommendation that we extend to you is that you wear comfortable shoes, make your necessary arrangements and come enjoy this wonderful museum knot where you can learn and have fun regardless of your age.

For more information please visit the California Science Center website.