SUSC Guidelines
Student Council
SUSC Guidelines

Stanton University Student Council Guidelines

As an SUSC member, you will be expected to:

  • Have and maintain good academic standing.
  • Hold regular meetings and keep minutes.
  • Be points-of-contact between students and the administration office.
  • Be a mediator between administration office, faculty, and students.
  • Students are allowed to submit suggestions and grievances/complaints to student body representatives to properly present them to the office in order to avoid negative confrontation, etc.
  • Be in charge of the school newsletter and student board.
  • Plan and organize events for SU students.

Student Council

 Current Members


Name: Cagdas Ocak
Position: President
Program: MBA


Oluwatosin Profile

Name: Oluwatosin Oyekola
Position: Vice President
Program: KCA

Contact Information: